I am an IT consultant primarily focused on data and voice network design.  I have completed several industry certifications and continue to study for more and every higher level exams.  My current certification pursuit has me primarily focused on passing the CCIE R&S Lab exam.  This blog is an experiment with a new method of studying.

I have read and heard several versions of this…

People remember:
10 percent of what they read
20 percent of what they hear
30 percent of what they see
50 percent of what they see and hear
70 percent of what they say
90 percent of what they do and say

Metcalf, T. (1997) Listening to your clients, Life Association News, 92(7) p16 – 18

My hope is that this experiment will help improve my learning by remember more through leveraging the “do and say” aspect.  In other words, this site is more for me than it is the reader.  However if a reader finds any value in the information blogged about on this site, then this experiment has been a success in a different but very cool way.



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