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IOS & Question Marks (?)

The question mark (?) is almost always used in Cisco IOS to present the help context menu. However, it can also be used as a special character in regex strings and EEM scripts. It can also be used in meta-information … Continue reading

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Cisco ASA AAA Failure Debug

I recently came across an issue where our team was unable to log into one of our Cisco ASA firewalls running code version 9.2(4)5 to manage the firewall. Shortly after we were notified that AnyConnect clients were unable to authenticate. … Continue reading

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Cisco IOS AAA Custom Login Prompts

While likely more fun than function (though I am sure there are some truly justified reasons to do this, feel free to share in comments if you have one), those who are running Cisco IOS can┬ácustomize the echoed text given … Continue reading

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